Admission Steps
Application Steps

Step 1:  For those families not in Xiamen, please CONTACT US. We will answer any questions you may have. Be sure to provide your name, contact information, name of your child and grade level you will be applying for, and your expected arrival in Xiamen.
Step 2:  For those already in Xiamen, make an appointment with the admissions coordinator to begin the admission process and to tour the school facilities.  At this point, the admissions office will answer questions you have regarding academic programs, support services, after school programs, etc. 
Step 3:  Complete an on-line application, have your child’s medical record updated and signed by a doctor, and submit both to the admissions office either in person, by fax or email. You can download the required forms.
Step 4:  Provide supporting documents that include
- Official school records in English from the previous two years.  - Copy of the passport statistics page and China Visa Stamp with residence permit - Completed XIS Student Application Form - Health History and Permission form, signed by a doctor - Immunization and Medical Form including an official immunization record
The official admissions process will not begin until all the supporting documentation is completed.
Step 5: Once all completed documents have been submitted a family admissions interview will be scheduled, along with the XIS Academic Admission Test and any necessary screening.
Step 6:  After all documentation and testing has been completed the application will be referred to the admissions committee (principals, counselor, Headmaster) for a decision to admit or deny. If it is determined that there is insufficient evidence to make a decision to admit, parents may be requested to supply additional information or additional testing may be required.
Step 7:  After a decision is made, parents will be notified within two school days and an appointment will be made to finalize enrollment in the school.