Xiamen International School

Apply for Admission

Application for Admission


General Information

Xiamen International School is an independent, co-educational day school offering an English language Pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 university preparatory international curriculum for expatriate children. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of their academic abilities and on their ability to participate fully in the school’s programs. At XIS, we help your child realize his or her full potential and provide opportunities to be successful and excel, both academically and socially. Our supportive, diverse community means that every child is cared for in a kind and nurturing environment.

A focus of the XIS experience is academic excellence. XIS is authorized for all three International Baccalaureate (IB) Programs: the Primary Years (grades Pre-k through 5), Middle Years (grades 6 through 10) and Diploma (grades 11 and 12). In addition to academics, our creative arts and physical activities courses help your child become a well-rounded individual.

English is the language of instruction throughout the school and students must be able to function at an appropriate level in English for the academic work that is required of them. However, we recognize that many students come from homes where English is not their first language. Therefore, we offer a strong language support program for students, primarily in the lower school. At the middle school level we offer less intensive language support. XIS expects students enrolling for Grade 5 and above to have enough academic English to do the work necessary for their particular grade level. No formal English language support is provided for grades 9 through 12.

XIS does not have a separate program or the resources for students with significant learning difficulties and is therefore not able to accept such students. An Admissions Committee that includes the counselor, the appropriate school principal, and the Headmaster (who has final authority in admissions matters) makes decisions regarding the admission of students. Application forms are on line and in the Admissions Office. Admission is considered on a rolling basis, depending on the availability of space.

XIS is growing and we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible regarding space availability. We look forward to having you and your child visit us. Once here, our admissions staff will take you on a personal tour of the school and will answer all of your queries.

For more information or to schedule a campus tour please contact Julia Su, the admissions coordinator at juliasu@xischina.com.cn.


Application Procedure

  1. Students may be admitted at any time during the school year. However, the school reserves the right to review admittance for program impact. High School student admitted after a specific date may not be granted credit.

      2.   Application for admittance must include the student’s academic and health records before enrollment and placement procedures can be considered complete.   Parents must submit a complete file (please see checklist below), translated into English, from the previous school.

3.   The admission’s officer will notify the Principal and the counselor when all application materials are completed. An appointment will be scheduled with the parents, student(s) and appropriate school personnel to conduct an initial assessment. The initial assessment of the child will be completed within five working days after the receipt all documents. Based on the assessment results, a determination will be made as to whether the child is accepted and what should be the appropriate grade level placement is for that child.

4.   If the determination is made that the child will be admitted, the child can generally attend school within two working days. It is the goal of the school to admit a child within seven working days from the date the documents are received. Full payment of fees is due within three working days after the admission date.

Please check the following list to make sure you have submitted all necessary materials prior to the admissions interview.

  • Official previous school records in English ( a minimum of two years required) and standardized tests (like NWEA MAP, ISA, ACER, ERB, SSAT,  PSAT etc). Applicant for Grade1 must submit school progress reports and recommendation letter
  • Official Immunization Record
  • Copy of the passport statistics page, China Visa Stamp and residence permit for each student and parents
  • Most recent, colored, individual passport size digital photo of each student and each parent


  1. 学生有可能在学年中的任何时候被学校录取。但是基于教学的考虑,学校有权决定最终是否录取该生。因学年中某些日期后入学的高中学生将无法获得相应学分。 具体日期请参照我校校历。
  2. 家长应向招生人员提供完整的英文版的前任学校的学业记录及健康记录(具体请参见下面的清单)。
  3. 在收到完整的入学资料后的5个工作日内,招生人员将通知中小学部主任和心理顾问,并安排恰当的学校人员与家长、学生见面,进行初步面试。基于面试结果,校方决定是否录取该生以及适当的年级安排。
  4. 若校方已决定录取该生,该生通常可在两个工作日内来校上课。原则上,学校将在收到有关材料的7个工作日内完成该生的录取工作。所有费用应在录取日后的3个工作日内付清。


  • 至少前两年的学业记录原件和参加过的各种标准化测试报告(比如 NWEA MAP, ISA, ACER, ERB, SSAT, PSAT) , 申请一年级的学生需提供恰当的学前教育进展报告,所有报告资料均需英文版
  • 疫苗接种记录
  • 父母和学生的外籍护照首页、中国签证页及有效居留证的复印件 (港澳台同胞需提供:港澳回乡证和港澳护照复印件;台胞证)
  • 父母和学生的近期单人彩色电子照片 (不是合影)